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Oideyo! Kashiwani

Akebonoyama Park

A special kind of park

Not your typical park for relaxation. Of course, it offers open areas for just fooling around, benches for sitting and the other usual stuff expected in a park, but there is also something else. In half of the park, flowers, vegetables, and even rice are grown. You can gather some friends and go for a barbeque, with the option of harvesting your own vegetables, which taste even better knowing you put in the sweat and hard work to pick them. With its combination of agriculture, forest, ponds and lawns, Akebonoyama is not only popular with humans but also with animals and insects. You may never have seen so many dragonflies buzzing around. Wild birds are majestically gliding from tree to tree. At the flower field you can see seasonal flowers with their different shapes and colors. Don’t forget your camera.

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

Address: 2005-2 Fuse, Kashiwa-City, Chiba-Prefecture

URL: (Japanese Only)

TEL: 04-7133-8877

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 9am-5.00pm

Access from Abiko: Abiko Station North Exit Bus Stop ▶ Take any bus going to あけぼの山公園入口 Akebonoyama-Kouen Iriguchi ▶ get off at あけぼの山公園入口Akebonoyama-Kouen Iriguchi ▶ around 10-minute walk

Access from Kashiwa: Kashiwa Station West Exit Bus Stop No. 5▶ Take any bus going to 布施弁天 Fusebenten (Bus No. 4), or 三井団地 Mitsuidanchi (Bus No. 11) ▶ Get off at 土谷津入口 Tsuchiyazu Iriguchi▶ 8-minute walk

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