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Looking for something to see or to do in Kashiwa? For the active person, we have activities and places to experience something new. Want to relax or enjoy nature or Japanese culture? We’ve got you covered. We offer insights and personal experiences from different places to visit and different activities to do during your stay in Kashiwa.

  • Lake Teganuma

    Relax at Lake Teganuma, sit down by the waterfront and enjoy a wonderful day in all its different incarnations. The slow rise of the red morning sun, the vast sight of nature at noon ...

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  • Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City

    Probably the newest and most modern part of Kashiwa, Kashiwanoha Campus draws in many younger people and young families. The nearby campuses of Chiba...

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  • Goko Hamono Blademaker

    Goko Hamono, one of Japan’s makers of hand-crafted Gyuuto kitchen knives under the Dentou (伝統) mark, given by the country for traditional crafts of high quality...

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  • Chouzenji Temple

    Chouzenji is a Buddhist temple about 10 minutes on foot from Kashiwa station. Going early in the morning provides a very calm and relaxing atmosphere, with...

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  • Fukuzushi

    Setting foot in the restaurant, you escape the sounds and crowds in front of the station and can enjoy a moment of tranquility and calmness in an atmosphere filled with...

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  • Kashiwa City Local Historical Artifacts Collection Room

    The local historical collection of Kashiwa shows archeological items from the area around Kashiwa throughout the history of Japan...

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  • Ohorigawa River

    Enjoy beautiful scenery that looks like it might have been taken directly from a youth manga. Sit down on a bench, enjoy nature, and watch high school kids walk through the...

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  • Teganooka Park

    Reawaken your inner child and enjoy a full day of playing around in the forest. Teganooka Park is like a big playground, with its jungle gym, rope swings and swinging bridge...

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  • Konbukuroike pond

    Not for crybabies. Feel like an adventurer making your way through the thicket on the path to Konbukuroike pond. Walking on the wooden boardwalk through the...

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  • Kashiwanoha Park

    Kashiwa no ha park is a place to calm down, or to be active. Relax in the Japanese garden. Walk around the pond on the beautifully arranged stone path, and the scenery and...

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  • Akebonoyama Park

    Not your typical park for relaxation. Of course, it offers open areas for just fooling around, benches for sitting and the other usual stuff expected in a park, but there is also something...

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  • Fusebenten Tokaiji Temple

    Approaching Fusebenten through the spacious Japanese garden below, you will enjoy a concert of nature. The muffled sound of clashing bamboo created by gusts of wind and the...

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  • Kashiwa Ichiba-Market

    Entering the market grounds, forklifts and trucks are driving around, making you feel like you are in the wrong place. Normally for wholesalers and business owners...

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  • Kashiwa Reysol

    Kashiwa Reysol is Kashiwa’s soccer team founded in 1992. Normally a soccer team has 11 players on the field, but a soccer aphorism says, “the fans are the 12th man.” In Reysol...

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  • Former Yoshida Family Residence and Historic Park

    Stepping into the courtyard of the Former Yoshida Family Residence makes you feel out of time. Standing on the old pavement, surrounded...

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  • Kashiwa Jinja-Shrine

    Kashiwa Jinja is a Shinto shrine about a 5-minute walk from the station. It is not very big, but therefore has a lovely charm to it. Two dog-like creatures(komainu) are watching...

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