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Oideyo! Kashiwani

Tenoichi: Market of Handcrafted Wares

Heart of Gold

Tenoichi is held once a month at the Kashiwa Shrine, offering different locally produced handcrafted wares. Walking through the shrine grounds looking at the different booths, you are always greeted with a friendly smile and a warm “welcome”. At the time of our visit, live jazz music was being performed on the grounds of Kashiwa Jinja, and one could feel isolated from big city life. Local people create all the goods, and mostly locals visit Tenoichi to buy unique accessories, bags, and decorations for their homes. It is a place where makers and buyers meet face to face, have a conversation, and build trust and a stronger sense of community. Even going there for the first time, you immediately feel like a local citizen. Population wise, Kashiwa is a large city, but it surely has the heart and magical charm of a small countryside town.

Schedule 2019

Date Weekday Time
June 2nd Sunday 9:00am – 4pm
November 24th Sunday 9:00am – 4pm

Handcrafted Wares Tenoichi

When: 2019 TBA

URL: (Japanese Only)

TEL: 080–7020-7120

Access: ▶ About a 5-minute walk from Kashiwa Station

▶ Kashiwa Jinja-Shrine

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