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Oideyo! Kashiwani

Kashiwa City Local Historical Artifacts Collection Room

Mystery Time

The local historical collection of Kashiwa shows archeological items from the area around Kashiwa throughout the history of Japan, beginning with the Jomon era and continuing up to more modern times. Walking through the exhibition, it is easy to notice repeating patterns on pottery from the Jomon era, and not knowing why the same patterns were used repeatedly over thousands of years created a mystery. After going through the whole exhibition, looking at ancient coins, the first appearance of writing, and seeing changes in materials from clay to bronze to iron, I moved back to the beginning and the oldest pottery pieces, where I found the answer to my mystery. Ancient Japanese people picked up clams from the ocean, ate the flesh, then used the shells to carve a variety of patterns into soft clay, before heating it and thus creating pottery. Mystery solved.

Kashiwa City Local Historical Artifacts Collection Room

Address: 48-1 Ōshimada, Kashiwa-City, Chiba-Prefecture

TEL: 04-7191-1450

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 9.30am- 5pm
Open Mondays during national holidays and compensatory holidays
Closed during New Year holidays (Dec 28- Jan 4) and change of exhibitions

Access: Kashiwa Station East Exit Bus Stop No. 1 ▶ Take any bus going to 手賀の丘公園 Teganooka-Kouen (Bus No. 27), 小野塚台 Onozuka-dai (Bus No. 22), 沼南車庫 Shounan Shako (Bus No. 31), or 布瀬 Fuze (Bus No. 25) ▶ Get off at 沼南庁舎バス乗継場 Shounan-Chousha-Basu-Noritsugijou (9am-4pm), or 大木戸 Ōkido ▶ 2-minute walk

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