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Oideyo! Kashiwani

Ohorigawa River

Teenage Dreams

Enjoy beautiful scenery that looks like it might have been taken directly from a youth manga. Sit down on a bench, enjoy nature, and watch high school kids walk through the riverside of trees. Later in the afternoon, kids come by after class or from after school activities, some carrying equipment like Japanese bows (Yumi) for Kyudo (Japanese Archery) or musical instruments. Because of their school uniforms they are easy to spot and are part of a bigger community. Some of them head straight back home, while others enjoy some after-school conversation or head into the city with friends. All of them have smiles on their faces as they stroll along the riverside. The Ōhorigawa river is close to the center of Kashiwa. The parks and walkways at the riverside are a perfect spot to escape the stress and busyness of city life for a few minutes. Trees line both sides of the trails and one can imagine the beautiful spring scenery when the Sakura flowers blossom.

Ohorigawa River Riverside Park

Address: 660-2 Takada Azahigashi Maeda, Kashiwa-City, Chiba-Prefecture

Access: Kashiwa Station West Exit ▶ 25-minute walk

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