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Oideyo! Kashiwani


Kashiwa offers a lot of nature to explore, just a few minutes away from the city center and the station. Feel relieved from the pressure of people around you and breathe fresh air next to one of Kashiwa’s many paddy fields. Take a walk through one of Kashiwa’s parks and stroll atop hills and through forests. Enjoying a drink while watching the cherry blossoms at the riverside in spring and eating barbeque in summer are just some of the possibilities Kashiwa offers.

  • Lake Teganuma

    Relax at Lake Teganuma, sit down by the waterfront and enjoy a wonderful day in all its different incarnations. The slow rise of the red morning sun, the vast sight of nature at noon ...

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  • Ohorigawa River

    Enjoy beautiful scenery that looks like it might have been taken directly from a youth manga. Sit down on a bench, enjoy nature, and watch high school kids walk through the...

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  • Teganooka Park

    Reawaken your inner child and enjoy a full day of playing around in the forest. Teganooka Park is like a big playground, with its jungle gym, rope swings and swinging bridge...

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  • Konbukuroike pond

    Not for crybabies. Feel like an adventurer making your way through the thicket on the path to Konbukuroike pond. Walking on the wooden boardwalk through the...

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  • Kashiwanoha Park

    Kashiwa no ha park is a place to calm down, or to be active. Relax in the Japanese garden. Walk around the pond on the beautifully arranged stone path, and the scenery and...

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  • Akebonoyama Park

    Not your typical park for relaxation. Of course, it offers open areas for just fooling around, benches for sitting and the other usual stuff expected in a park, but there is also something...

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