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Oideyo! Kashiwani


  • Lake Teganuma

    Relax at Lake Teganuma, sit down by the waterfront and enjoy a wonderful day in all its different incarnations. The slow rise of the red morning sun, the vast sight of nature at noon ...

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  • Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City

    Probably the newest and most modern part of Kashiwa, Kashiwanoha Campus draws in many younger people and young families. The nearby campuses of Chiba...

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  • Goko Hamono Blademaker

    Goko Hamono, one of Japan’s makers of hand-crafted Gyuuto kitchen knives under the Dentou (伝統) mark, given by the country for traditional crafts of high quality...

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  • Chouzenji Temple

    Chouzenji is a Buddhist temple about 10 minutes on foot from Kashiwa station. Going early in the morning provides a very calm and relaxing atmosphere, with...

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  • Fukuzushi

    Setting foot in the restaurant, you escape the sounds and crowds in front of the station and can enjoy a moment of tranquility and calmness in an atmosphere filled with...

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  • Kashiwa City Local Historical Artifacts Collection Room

    The local historical collection of Kashiwa shows archeological items from the area around Kashiwa throughout the history of Japan...

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  • Ohorigawa River

    Enjoy beautiful scenery that looks like it might have been taken directly from a youth manga. Sit down on a bench, enjoy nature, and watch high school kids walk through the...

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  • Teganooka Park

    Reawaken your inner child and enjoy a full day of playing around in the forest. Teganooka Park is like a big playground, with its jungle gym, rope swings and swinging bridge...

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  • Konbukuroike pond

    Not for crybabies. Feel like an adventurer making your way through the thicket on the path to Konbukuroike pond. Walking on the wooden boardwalk through the...

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