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Oideyo! Kashiwani




  • Goko Hamono Blademaker

    Kashiwa is home to Goko Hamono, one of Japan’s makers of top quality hand-crafted Gyuuto kitchen knives under the Dentou (伝統) mark.

  • Former Yoshida Family Residence and Historic Park

    Experience a leap through time, relax at the beautiful garden and enjoy the changing seasons.

  • Fusebenten Tokaiji Temple

    Visit one of only three Benten Temples in eastern Japan and find your spirituality in its over 1200-year-old history.


  • Lake Teganuma

    Relax at Lake Teganuma, and enjoy a beautiful day. The red morning sun, the vast nature at noon, and the violet-colored horizon during sunset.

  • Akebonoyama Park

    Besides plants, fields of flowers, and a variety of insects and birds, many different vegetables and rice are grown at this special kind of park.

  • Ōhorigawa river

    Walk through the beautiful valley of trees by the riverside, and for a while escape the stress and busyness of city life.


  • Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City

    Probably the newest and most modern part of Kashiwa, Kashiwa-no-ha draws in many younger people and young families.

  • Kashiwa Ichiba Market

    On the hunt for low-cost food, snacks, and drinks? Visit Kashiwa’s wholesale market to find the best bargains!

  • Fukuzushi

    Eating Sushi at Fukuzushi, you will understand one precious part of Japanese food culture, the real deliciousness of “Edo-Mae” Sushi.

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